Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This blog's purpose.

After experiencing and surviving over 20 years in the software industry I've noticed that there seems to be a large knowledge gap in the business that hopefully this blog can address.

I'm not talking about technical knowledge here. Plenty of that. Perhaps too much in fact. And therein lies the origin of many of the problems that plague a prototypical software company. This is not one of those blogs designed to be nothing more than a conduit of mere corporate gossip. Rather this blog is a mere compilation of lessons learned from mistakes I've made and or witnessed being made by software companies large and small over the past two decades.

Hopefully the topics covered will be helpful to you in the development of your new software business or the improvement of your existing one. If you find this information to be useful all I ask in return is a few options when you IPO! Seems only fair doesn't it? ;-)

James Gingerich

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